Richmar Engineering Team Leads The Way Again

Tremendous engineering feat took RET to reinvent the hydrocollator so it's easy to operate, maintain and look at.

Furthermore, they designed many medical devices such as Richmar Theratouch EX4 Electrotherapy Unit and Richmar TheraTouch LX2 Laser...

So, we were expecting that they would go in the
direction of designing something similar or at
least attempt to land on the moon.

Major Surprise From Richmar

BUT - we're in for a major surprise. They came up with the

Richmar Engineering Team calls it the MicroBlock Electrode

MicroBlock’s antimicrobial electrode surface reduces the risk of contamination and helps prevent infection by killing disease-causing microbes and common antibiotic-resistant threats that contact the surface of the electrode, such as: 

- E. cloacae (CRE),  
- S. aureus (MRSA),
- E. coli (ESBL),
- E. faecalis (VRE),  
- P. aeruginosa & A. baumannii
  (Multi-Drug Resistant)

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Next Step In Infection Prevention

MicroBlock - Is Your Next Step In Infection Prevention

These electrodes can play an important part in infection
prevention for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

This makes these electrodes the logical choice to
decrease the risk of healthcare associated infections

while treating your patients.

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