Here is Why Over 10.000 Customers In The Last 10 Years 
Get Their Health and Medical Supplies From 
at 5% - 200% lower prices than elsewhere 

Hi. Welcome to

If you're new to our website, this page will give you a clear
understanding of why more than 10,000 clinics over the last
10 years, get their clinical and patients products from TENSnet.

We serve all sorts of organizations, from large clinics,
hospitals and the military to small, one-person practices…

...and our retention rate is among the highest in the industry
with over 90% of our customers becoming repeat customers.

We are working with customers today that we worked with in year one.

Let me tell you why our customers are happy…

It`s not because we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in
our marketing  (in fact, we spend very little in comparison).

It's clear that we don't have a technological advantage over our competitors
(in fact, our website just got its first major overhaul after over 10 years).

Our largest competitors are not even other healthcare distributors.

They are tech giants such as Amazon that focus on big savings
(so they say) and convenience, but lack the customer experience
and knowledge of the products that they offer.

We figured that in order to have a business that is fulfilling, we ought to
take different approach that doesn’t just treat the customer like a number.

At TENSnet, we take a human approach to doing business, and here's our 4-part formula:

1. Develop Relationships;

2. Offer Low Pricing;

3. Offer a Nice Variety; and

4. Provide Hassle-Free Returns. 

Here's how that works: 

TENSnet Foundation

Rock solid / down to earth relationships with our clients is our foundation 

I've found that without proper human interaction nothing really works…

 ...and if I wanted to build a business that is fulfilling and lucrative, I better put relationships with my clients at the top.

For us at TENSnet, great relationships mean integrity, reliability and respect.

Integrity -- as honoring our commitment to go above and beyond to give you the best products at the most competitive prices without compromising the human experience with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Reliability -- as to be here for you at all times to provide you with the best products and supplies that you require. We’re not only a website, rather a resource for you to help provide solutions to your needs.

And Respect -- as treating you with respect which translates to treating you as we would like to be treated as customers.

The foundation of TENSnet is our relationship with our clients.

When this foundation is cemented, it's easy for us to put other building blocks on top of it.

 Which leads us to...

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Building block #1 - Low prices

One of the main focuses at TENSnet is to provide lower prices than our big competitors.

We are able to do that simply by keeping our overhead low and focusing on long term client relationships.We rely on word-of-mouth as we hope our customers share their TENSnet experiences with others with similar needs.

And because we're a 100% family owned company we don't have to squeeze money wherever possible to keep shareholders happy. Instead of focusing on money, we focus on happiness.

We want to make you happy by providing you with affordable products. We know that the more people we make happy, the profits will take care of itself.

Price Comparison Test

With the increase of competition in the marketplace, and others using the term"low prices" quite loosely, we decided to take this opportunityand provide you with some measurable data.

In a recent test, we looked at 5 different product categories,and chose 5 random products from these categoriesto see how we compare against the largest onlinesellers offering same products.

More Research Reveals Shocking Price Differences Between Amazon and TENSnet

There's another price comparison test we conductedsome time ago that reveals a shocking price differencesbetween and Amazon.

 We have found couple of products on Amazonthat are up to 10 times more expensivethan what we offer here @

Building block #2 - Variety When I started doing this business I sold about 50 products…but sold those 50 products very well. Every time I spoke with my customers they would ask for at least 2-5 products that I didn't carry and was unable to offer at the time. That was the main reason we started TENSnet. I wanted to offer all the products in one easy place, as I recognized how much time and energy my customers wasted having to deal with dozens of different providers. That's why we carry over 50.000 products right now and are adding new products every day. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to source it so that we can save you money on your favorite products. And finally...

Building block #3 - Hassle free returns Did you ever had that experience when you bought something, you came home and for whatever reason you regret your purchase? Either the item was broken, it was low quality, or simply you bought it and realized that you don't really need it. And when you tried to return it, the person who sold it to you wasn't all that nice and smiling as when they sold it to you (if you weren’t sitting on hold or calling customer service in a different country). So many loops and hoops just to return a simple item. Well this doesn’t happen when you shop at TENSnet. We have a double smile / hassle-free return policy. Which means that if for any good reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we're going to either replace it or give you your money back. And you'll get the same smile from us as when you initially made your purchase. It usually takes just one email or phone call to make an easy return. That's how we operate and that's why we have more than 10,000 clients over 10 years purchasing their supplies from us. If you too would like to get all of your clinical equipment and supplies from us, as a welcome you can receive $10 off on your first order over $200.