PROTECT Electromagnetic Protection

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PROTECT Electromagnetic Protection

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*Fits in the case or ON any mobile device. (cell phone, tablet, Mp3 player etc.) Is Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? EMF Radiation/Dirty Electricity: Dirty Electricity is ANY electricity that flows through an energy delivery system. In the case of the cell phone, electricity flows through the battery and directly into your head. If the cell phone is ON you are receiving dirty electricity. Dirty electricity has been linked to a variety of health conditions including tumors, asthma, cardiovascular disease, headaches, ADHD and many other concerns. RF Radiation: Cell Phones act as two way microwave ovens. The incoming signal can act as a microwave heating your brain. This effect has led to long term research that shows that cell phone use can increase your risk of cancer and other life threatening diseases. Cell Phone RF Radiation is considered a Class 2B Carcinogen - World Health Organization. Free Radicals: The electrical flow from a cell phone emits a constant flow of positive ion free radicals. These free radicals have caused a disorder known as VODS (Video Operator Distress Syndrome). This syndrome was discovered in the 1980’s. Back then, very few people sat in front of computer monitors and used cell phones the way we ALL do now. These free radicals have been linked to mood disorders, depression and sleep issues. Reduces Dirty Electricty Up to 97%: The PROTECT is comprised of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline was discovered in 1880 to have a piezoelectric quality that allowed it to create its own electrical flow. This discovery landed a Nobel prize, and was utilized by Benjamin Franklin during his experiments with electricity. The additional minerals in our products boost the electric output, thus attracting and absorbing the dirty electricity to the insert instead of your body. Negative ions: All Fusion products are made with our patent pending negative ion generating mineral mixture. Each PROTECT emits nearly 10,000 negative ions per second. These negative ions neutralize the effects of positive ions making your cell phone much healthier to use. Reduces RF Radiation Up To 60%: Researchers at UC Berkely discovered that RF radiation has a positive ion base. The negative ion output of the PROTECT neutralizes the ionic base, thus reducing the RF Radiation coming from the phone.

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  • Hygienic Product : No
  • Allergy : Not Specified
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  • Units of Measure : Each
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  • Weight Capacity : Not Specified lbs
  • Actual Product Weight : Not Specified lbs
  • Product Assembly : No
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